The Atelier has at its disposal a current IT infrastracture, including licensed CAD / BIM software (Vectorworks), secure cloud storage (running on NextCloud), as well as an advanced project management tool (Odoo). Additionally, building of physical models is possible, including the use of a 3D printer / CNC machine. 

architecture models


Architectural models are built at various scales, detail levels and stages of a project. Physical, hand-crafted representations of future buildings are an essential part of the design process.

3D printing, laser cutting & CNC

The Atelier has at its disposal a multi-function machine which allows specific model parts to be 3D-printed, laser-cut or milled using a 3- or 4-axis machine.

IT elements

BIM software

The Atelier uses the Vectorworks BIM (Building Information Model) package to develop complete projects and digital twins in 3D, allowing for full project overview, control and coordination before it is approved for construction.


Thanks to a dedicated NextCloud server, files are securely and rapidly shared and synchronized. Files and folders can also be fully encrypted whenever a higher security level is required for any given project.